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ACTI 2006

  • [ACTI-2006-1] E3 Aboura Z, Talbi N, R. Ayad, Benzeggagh ML, An homogenization procedure for corrugated cardboard and stitched sandwich using respectively analytical and numerical simulation III European Conference on Computational Mechanics Solids, Structures and Coupled Problems in Engineering, Lisbon, Portugal, 5–8 June 2006
  • [ACTI-2006-2] E3 Ayad R, Talbi N, Aboura Z, Lascoup B, Benzeggagh ML, A particular 3D hexahedral finite element for stitched sandwich structures, WCCM 4 LA USA juillet 2006
  • [ACTI-2006-3] E3 Baleh R, Abdul-Latif A, Aboura Z, Energy Absorption Improvement via Sub-divided Tubes under Uniaxial Dynamic Loading, Second International Conference of Engineering and failure Analysis Conference, ICEFA-II, September 13-15 Toronto, Canada2006
  • [ACTI-2006-4] E3 Bédoui F, Diani J, Régnier G, Micromechanical modeling of isotropic elastic behavior of semicrystalline polymers, 2006, Acta Materiala ,54, 1513-1523
  • [ACTI-2006-5] E1 Ben Ayed L, Delamézière A, Batoz JL, Knopf-Lenoir C, Modified Maximum Force Criterion For Prediction Of Flc And For Optimization Of Blankholder Forces In Stamping, IDDRG 2006, Porto, Portugal,19-21 June 2006
  • [ACTI-2006-6] E1,E3 Ben Ismail A, Marouani H, Rachik M, Hug E, Fafard M, Nano indentation and inverse method to characterize blanked parts near the cut edge, WCCM7, Los Angeles, California, July 16 – 22, 2006.
  • [ACTI-2006-7] E1,E3 Ben Ismail A, Marouani H, Rachik M, Hug E, Fafard M, Numerical simulation of sheet metal blanking, predicting the material state near the cut edge, IDDRG, Porto, Portugal, June 19 – 21, 2006.
  • [ACTI-2006-8] E3 Bencheikh N, Khiat A, Prelle C, Lamarque F, Doré E., Two dimensional electromagnetic mini device for micro-positioning, Proceedings of Actuators 2006, 14-16 june 2006, Bremen (Germany), 664-667.
  • [ACTI-2006-9] E3 Bencheikh N, Petit L, Khiat A, Prelle C, Doré E, 3D electromagnetic miniconveyer. IWMF 2006, 5th international workshop on microfactories, Besançon, France, 25-27 octobre 2006.
  • [ACTI-2006-10] E1 Benhafid Y, Troussier N, Boudaoud N, The Multi-Objective Optimation For The Assistance To the Modelling Choices In Structural Analysis, IDMME 2006, CDRom, Grenoble, 2006.
  • [ACTI-2006-11] E2 Bériot H, Ben Tahar M, A three dimensionnal finite element model for sound propagation in non potential mean flows, 13th International Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICVS), 2-6 Juillet 2006, Vienne, Autriche ,
  • [ACTI-2006-12] E3 Bigerelle M, Mazeran PE, Rachik M, The First Indenter-Sample Contact and the Indentation Size Effect In Nano Hardness Measurements, The E-MRS 2006 Spring Meeting, Nice, France, May 29 – June 2, 2006.
  • [ACTI-2006-13] E1 Boudaoud N, Cherfi Z, Troussier N, Omezzine B, The Desirability Function in a Multiresponse Optimisation Framework : a case study, CESA’2006, Beijing, China, 2006.
  • [ACTI-2006-14] E1 Boufflet JP, Lefrançois E, Schur complement and direct solver applied on a simple domain : trend and behavior of a monolevel strategy 4th intl. workshop on Parallel Matrix Algorithms and Applications, 2006
  • [ACTI-2006-15] E2 Chazot JD, Guyader JL, Optimisation de l’isolation acoustique des doubles parois. Conference CFA 2006, Tours, France.
  • [ACTI-2006-16] E2 Chazot JD, Guyader JL, Prediction of sound transmission through double panels filled with granular materials. Conference INTER-NOISE 2006.
  • [ACTI-2006-17] E2 Chazot JD, Guyader JL, Transmission loss optimization through double panels using mechanical links. Conference Euronoise 2006.
  • [ACTI-2006-18] E1 Druesne F, Dulong JL, Villon P, Model reduction applied to real time simulation of mechanical behaviour for flexible parts The 8th International Conference on Computational Structures Technology (CST), Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, 12-15 September 2006.
  • [ACTI-2006-19] E1 Dulong JL, Druesne F, Villon P, A model reduction approach for real time part deformation with non linear mechanical behavior, Virtual Concept, Cancun – Playa del Carmen, Mexico, November 26 – December 1, 2006
  • [ACTI-2006-20] E3 EL Hage Ch, Aboura Z, Younès R, Benzeggagh ML, Zoater M, Experimental damage studies of 2.5D interlock GRP under uni-axial loading 12 European conferences of composite materials (ECCM 12) September 2006 Biarritz
  • [ACTI-2006-21] E3 El Hakimi A, Hariri S, Azari Z, Laksimi A, Defect in cylindrical shell under pressure Mechanical Fatigue of Metals, Ternopil, Ukraine, 25-28 September 2006.
  • [ACTI-2006-22] E3 Jourani A, Dursapt M, Zahouani H, Mesure optique des déformations élasto plastiques de la rugosité lors d’un contact statique entre solides, Cinquièmes Journées Scientifiques et Techniques en Mécanique et Matériaux, Hammemat, Tunisie 13 et 14 Avril 2006
  • [ACTI-2006-23] E3 Jourani A, Zahouani H, Evaluation of the local coefficient of friction and temperature distribution during abrasive wear, Second International Meeting of Abrasion on 09-10 May 2006, ENSAM School, Châlons-en-Champagne, France.
  • [ACTI-2006-24] E1 Julien S, Cherfi Z, Guyot JP, Innovative use of process control in short run production, ICAM International Conference on Agile Manufacturing 18-21 juillet 2006, Virginia USA.
  • [ACTI-2006-25] E3 Khiat A, Lamarque F, Prelle C, Pouille P, Leester-Schädel M, Büttgenbach S, Long-range displacement mini-sensor with submicrometric resolution, IEEE sensors 2006, 22-25 octobre 2006, Daegu, Korea.
  • [ACTI-2006-26] E3 Lamarque F,Gautier A, Prelle C, Revel P, Boudaoud N, Rotation-free linear displacements mini-sensor, 5th Int. Workshop on Microfactories - IWMF 2006, Besançon, France, 25-27 octobre 2006
  • [ACTI-2006-27] E1 Lardeur P, Scionti M, Scigliano R, Verification and validation of finite element models for the vibro-acoustic behaviour of a windscreen in presence of variability, ISMA2006, Leuven, 1951-1962, septembre 2006.
  • [ACTI-2006-28] E3 Lascoup B, Aboura Z, Khellil K, Benzeggagh ML, On the modeling of the mechanical behavior of stitched sandwich structure, 12 European conferences of composite materials (ECCM 12) September 2006 Biarritz
  • [ACTI-2006-29] E1 Lionnet C, Lardeur P, Vieuille F, A hierarchical approach to study the intra and inter variability of structure borne noise in vehicles, ISMA2006, Leuven, 4175-4186, septembre 2006.
  • [ACTI-2006-30] E1 Martini L, Arnoult E, Lardeur P, Possibilities and limitations of a reanalysis-based procedure for structural dynamic analysis of uncertain systems, ISMA2006, Leuven, 1975-1988, septembre 2006.
  • [ACTI-2006-31] E3 Mechraoui S, Amami S, Laksimi A, Benmedakhene S, Acoustic emission analysis of crack growth in corrosion product, The 27th European Conference on Acoustic Emission Testing, EWGAE Cardiff (20-22nd September) 2006.
  • [ACTI-2006-32] E3 Mechraoui S, Amami S, Laksimi A, Benmedakhene S, Analysis of acoustic emission generated by corrosion on steel in aggressive crude oil EUROCORR 2006 (25-28 September 2006), Maastricht.
  • [ACTI-2006-33] E3 Risbet M, Feaugas X, Some comments about crack initiation in relation with cyclic irreversibility, EUROMECH – MECAMAT, EMMC9, 9th European Mechanics of Materials Conference, Local approach to fracture, Moret sur Loing, mai 2006, pp. 45-50.
  • [ACTI-2006-34] E3 Risbet M, Feaugas X, Guillemer-Neel C, Clavel M, Fatigue damage in a nickel base superalloy : influence of local parameters measured by EBSD and AFM techniques, Congrès Fatigue 2006, Atlanta, USA, mai 2006.
  • [ACTI-2006-35] E1 Scionti M, Lardeur P, Experimental and numerical study of the intrainter variability of an acoustic windscreen, ISMA2006, Leuven, 1999-2013, septembre 2006.
  • [ACTI-2006-36] E1 Sugai J, Mtoyasu G, Kanazawa K, Shimizu T, Rachik M, Soda H, Mclean A, Effect of Manganese content on formability of extruded AZ31 Magnesium alloy tubes, COM 2006, Montréal, Québec, Canada, October 1 – 4, 2006.
  • [ACTI-2006-37] E1 Van Bang DP, Lefrancois E, Ovarlez G, Bertrand F, MRI experimental and 1D FE-FCT numerical investigation of the sedimentation and consolidation 7th Intl. Conf. on Hydro ; 2006
  • [ACTI-2006-38] E1 Villon P, Dulong JL, Druesne F, Model reduction applied to flexible parts in real time, NATO Advanced Research Workshop, Opatija, Croatia, May 28 - June 1, 2006.
  • [ACTI-2006-39] E2 Antoni, J ; Schoukens, J, Optimal settings for measuring frequency response functions with weighted overlapped segment averaging, 2006 IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference Proceedings, Vols 1-5, 1764-1769, 2006
  • [ACTI-2006-40] E2 Zouari, R ; Antoni, J ; Ille, JL ; Willaert, M ; Watrametz, M ; Sidahmed, M, Cyclostationary modeling of reciprocating compressors and application to valve fault detection, Proceedings of ISMA2006 : International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering, 1 (8), 2921-2935, 2006
  • [ACTI-2006-41] E2 F. Tafinine, K. Mokrani, J. Antoni, « Influence de la charge sur le diagnostic des machines asynchrones », International Conference on Electrical Systems ICES06, 8-10 May 2006, Oum El Bouaghi University, Algeria
  • [ACTI-2006-42] E2 J. Piscione, J. Antoni, D. Gamet, “Cyclic spectral analysis of surface electromyogram for characterisation of oscillatory activity in the motor system during maximal isometric shoulder flexion”, 5th World Congress of Biomechanics, Munich, July 29th - August 4th 2006
  • [ACTI-2006-43] E2 J. Antoni, F. Bonnardot, R. Boustany, K. Sabri, M. El Badaoui, M. Sidahmed, “Don’t ignore nonstationarity : use it to advantage”, ISMA2006 International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering, September 18-20, 2006
  • [ACTI-2006-44] E2 J. Antoni, J. Schoukens, “Optimum Settings for Measuring Frequency Response Functions with Weighted Overlapped Segment Averaging”, 2006 IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, Sorrento, Italia 24 - 27 April 2006
  • [ACTI-2006-45] E2 J. Antoni, R. Boustany, F. Gautier, S. Wang, “Novel Source Separation method for Measuring Combustion Noise and Structural Loss”, 6th European Conference on Noise Control (EURONOISE), 30 May -1 June 2006, Tampere, Finland
  • [ACTI-2006-46] E2 W.-L. Chia, R. Randall, J. Antoni, “Blind System Identification in Simulated Two-Input-Two-Output system using a matrix version of the Mean Differential Cepstrum”, 14th IFAC Symposium on System Identification (SYSID2006), Newcastle, Australia, March 29-31, 2006.
  • [ACTI-2006-47] E2 D. Hanson, R. Randall, J. Antoni, R. Ford, D. Thompson, T. Waters, “Operational Modal Analysis Using Cyclostationarity and the Complex Cepstrum”, 14th IFAC Symposium on System Identification (SYSID2006), Newcastle, Australia, March 29-31, 2006..